There are specific components of an Indian cuisine which have a range of health benefits. Indian food is always flavorful. For Centuries, Indian cooks have been using spices for flavor.  Along with taste and flavor, these spices make Indian food good for health also.  Most Indian spices have some health benefits or medicinal properties. Some health benefits are pretty pronounced and can be observed relatively quickly.  At other times the benefits are subtle and may take some time to be noticed.

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The health benefits of the Indian food depend on the method of cooking. Too much cream,  fat yogurt, ghee or oil will make dish richer in taste and texture, but with out any nutritional value.  These foods prepared with deep frying onions, ginger, and spices in lot of oil or ghee are higher in fat.  Instead of deep frying, you can stir-fry or sauté them in very little vegetable oil. The over-cooked foods lose their nutrition because, in the process, the vitamins and minerals are leached out. You should leave the cooking of a vegetable when it is still crisp.

Like all cuisines from around the globe there will always be aspects that aren’t as healthy as we would like. So when enjoying Indian food be sure to stick to the healthier options such as tomato based curries, vegetable dishes and choose fish or chicken over lamb.

Chickpeas, for example, which are often used in vegetarian curries, are a great source of fibre, zinc, folate and protein, which makes them a healthy factor in a vegetarian Indian diet. Spinach and tomatoes, which are widely used in Indian cuisine, are also known superfoods, containing high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

The Indian diet is noted for its inclusion of many spices, pulses and rice, not forgetting its variety of flavours and colours which are what make this cuisine so unique. Being generally low in fat, high in vegetables, fruit and lean meat, an Indian diet has many health benefits.

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